Unbundled Family Law Services

At Heft Law, we believe that in order to achieve optimal results, retaining a lawyer from the very onset of your family law matter is ideal. The reality is however, that due to the high costs involved, it may not always  be possible for litigants to hire a lawyer throughout the entire process. Our staff is sensitive about the fact that the cost of family law litigation is significant and can become a huge financial burden.

Legal Aid is an assistance program that provides legal representation to persons within a particular income range. Those who do not qualify for Legal Aid are often times left with a huge legal bill to pay once their matter has been dealt with and find themselves unable to pay.

At Heft Law, we offer our clients “unbundled” services for family law. Unbundled services are also referred to as a “limited scope retainer” which means that you can retain family law services for specific purposes related to your family law matter.  Family litigants should not be without representation especially when they need it. Every one should have access to justice.

It is possible to retain Heft Law for just a portion of your family law matter if hiring a lawyer from the onset is not an option for you. We are committed to providing affordable, cost-effective and efficient representation tailored for your specific needs.

Courts can be intimidating and the laws are complex. At Heft Law, we are committed to providing our clients with progressive problem solving and effective conflict resolution.

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) approved unbundled services for the public in September 2011, in an effort to improve access to justice.  At Heft law, we are embracing new innovations to assist our clients.

Contact us at Heft Law for a No Fee 30 minute initial consultation to determine what services Heft Law can provide to you in your family law litigation.

Unbundled Services

Legal Opinions

If you are representing yourself in court, an objective legal opinion on the strength of your case is a valuable tool in assisting self represented litigants in separating the emotional from the practical. A legal opinion from Heft Law can form the backbone of your legal strategy.

Heft Law lawyers will ask questions to obtain a detailed picture of your entire family law situation: your finances, the length of your marriage or common-law relationship, the number of children, pensions, investments, and other important issues. At Heft Law, we will work with you to give you the best legal opinion by taking into account both your rights and your legal obligations.

Contact us at Heft law today, for any of the unbundled family law services below:

Legal Research

Legal research is an important part of any legal strategy. Judges rely on statues as well as case law.  Having legal research as part of you court materials can be add to a persuasive argument in your favour.  Legal research will also provide an insight into the validity of your position and the necessary elements and facts you may need for success.


Heft Law subscribes to a number of legal databases that are not available to the public, so having us do your legal research could be very beneficial to your case.

Drafting Services

The materials that you prepare to be filed with the court to be read by the judge hearing your matter are very important and can be persuasive.   Having Heft Law draft your court documents for you will ensure that you have the most relevant facts, in the right order, so you make the best possible impression on a family law judge.

At Heft Law, we can be retained to draft:

  • Applications for Divorce
  • Answers
  • Replys
  • Motions to Change a Final ORder or Agreement
  • Correspondence with your ex-spouse or their counsel
  • Briefs: including case conference briefs, settlement conference briefs and trial management conference briefs
  • Factums
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Notices of Motion
  • Affidavits
  • Offers to Settle


Coaching Services

Heft Law can help you prepare for court appearances including: case conferences, motions, and trials. We can help you identify your legal issues and frame your arguments.  It is important to know that the judge and courtroom staff cannot provide assistance to you.  Also, an unprepared litigant can be very frustrating for the judge.  Furthermore, it is important to be well versed in courtroom decorum.

A self-represented or unrepresented litigant will be not afforded special treatment, therefore, it is important to be prepared.


Representation For Select Portions of Your Case

Heft Law can be retained on a limited basis to represent you in court for a portion of your case, for example, we can attend for you and give submissions on your behalf in a motion.

We can act as your agent and not as your solicitor of record.

As your agent, a Heft Law lawyer will appear with you in court. Depending on the services for which you have retained Heft Law, it may be your responsibility to file all court documents on time before the court appearance. It is highly recommended that Heft Law be presented with your court documentation prior to serving and filing it.