Family Law can be very complex in nature. Before you make any important decisions, you should first understand your rights under the relevant family law statutes, and what options are available to you based on your needs. Most people are not aware of their rights and obligations and when faced with a family law issue, tackling the problem becomes an overwhelming and frustrating process.

In essence, family law concerns the rights and obligations of spouses, children, and other domestic relations. These laws are governed by several provincial and federal statutes, which outline what a person’s responsibility is towards their significant other and/or any children of the relationship.

When a couple decides to dissolve a marriage or to separate, their ties to one another do not simply disappear. There are laws that dictate the rights and obligations of the parties involved, such as child support, spousal support, property, equalization and financial disclosure. These matters are complex and are difficult to handle when you do not have proper knowledge of the issues and without proper legal representation.

In Canada, the following federal and provincial statues govern Family Law:

  • The Divorce Act
  • The Family Law Act
  • The Children’s Law Reform Act
  • The Child and Family Services Act
  • The Civil Marriages Act
  • Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act
  •  The Common Law and Principles of Equity

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